For Sale: an old, body-sized, painted, solid wood Guanyin statue

觀音 观音관음 觀音観音菩薩 Quốc ngữ , ကွမ်ယင်မယ်တော်, អវលោកិតេស្វរៈ , กวนอิม

Guanyin (Guan Yin, Kwan yin, Kuan Yin), statue, approximate height: 160 cm, width: 96 cm , depth: 65 cm

The life-size, polychrome, wooden statue is sitting on a rock in Buddhist posture with right leg resting horizontally on the left knee. The left hand is raised in a gesture – the right hand holding a lotus blossom bud. The figure is elegantly dressed in a kind of an open tunica with a long belt.

The statue had a restoration in March 2009, by Conservator Svein A Wiik. For further information about the motive, technique, conservation condition, conservation treatment and conservation result, please see the restoration description , available here.

The statue is claimed to be from the Ming dynasty, and to be acquired from the Wanås Castle in Sweden.  This has unfortunately not been verified. The current owner got the possession of the statue as a pledge, and little information followed the object.

The current location is in Oslo, Norway with DHL Excel Fine Art. There is a 3D model below, that gives a good impression. Higher resolution models are available at request.


A 3D model of the statue

Below is a 3D model of the statue from Sketchfab - it should show in a window that you can expand and navigate in. The size of the statue is indicated from the standard EUR-pallet, that is 1,200 by 800 by 144 millimeters. If you are interested in inspecting the model closer, you can request a higher resolution version on a USB-stick available in several formats and for 64 bits Window platforms as a 3DF Zephyr model.

If you have a 3D viewer, such as 3D Viewer in Windows, or from . You can download a zip-file (click here), with three files, that is the model, the texture and the surface. Run the .obj-file in your viewer with the others located in the same folder.

Contact: htl “at” if you need more information.