For Sale: an old, body-sized, painted, solid wood statue


A 3D model of the statue

Below is a 3D model of the statue from Sketchfab - it should show in a window that you can expand and navigate in. The size of the statue is indicated from the standard EUR-pallet, that is 1,200 by 800 by 144 millimetres. If you are interested in inspecting the model closer, you can request a higher resolution version on a USB-stick available in several formats and for 64 bits Window platforms as a 3DF Zephyr model.

If you have a 3D viewer, such as 3D Viewer in Windows, or from . You can download a zip-file (click here), with three files, that is the model, the texture and the surface. Run the .obj-file in your viewer with the others located in the same folder.

Contact: htl “at” if you need more information.